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My Discover Ireland – A unique route planner!

Self-driving in Ireland is one of the best ways to do it, hire a car & do the trip in your style. Don’t be nervous with driving in another country, same common sense applies! Keep your wits about you and make sure you are on the correct side of the road (left) and you’ll be fine.

With the number of days you have to explore, you don’t want to be wasting your precious time on waiting for the other tourists to get back on the tour bus or visiting a place that you are not interested in due with the tour bus strict itinerary.

Self-driving gives you the flexibility, choice & your pace. You can create your dream trip based on YOUR preferences!

My Discover Ireland is a free route planner that has drivers in mind, a unique website that travellers can use to plan their road trips and explore what is nearby. Nearby places include cultural attractions, museums, outdoor attractions, historic hotpots and scenic areas within 10KM on either side of the direct route.

MyDiscoverIrelandSay you already have a plan to drive from Wicklow Mountains to Galway City however you probably won’t know there are some hidden gems to stop by. For example, en-route to Galway City, you might want to visit The Wonderful Barn – a unique barn!

This also helps you to break up the long drive and explore places en-route.
A few tips to get started on planning your self-drive holiday

  • Hire a car – do read the T&Cs!
  • Have a rough idea of where you want to go & see
  • Enter in the destinations on
  • Find places to see en-route
  • Enjoy your trip

It’s that simple!
It is easy to share and show the driving plans with friends by emailing the route details to them or even share the plans on Facebook, Twitter and Google+!The trip directions can be printed out on paper to use as a reference when driving in Ireland or even discuss over coffee with friends!

MyDiscoverIreland will generate A to B directions, complete with estimated fuel cost per trip, distances in KM/Miles and duration.
A mobile app is on the agenda to be built and provide access via mobile & tablet devices with an ease.

Example route: Click here

Lianne Murphy, Guest post, February 2013

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